New Decade New 2020 Swag

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Happy New Year Game Changers!
I hope you all had a great holiday season and ready to kill it in 2020! I have a series of all new #tashatips coming to you!
As you go into this new decade with a lil more swag and feisty-ness to get stuff done. I made a new #tashatip for my girls having to attend showcases.
Recently I was asked what exactly are college coaches interested in seeing at showcases? As most of you are preparing to play in front of college coaches, remember to:
  1. Show weaknesses and strengths: Coaches want to see EVERYTHING what you’re capable of and your potential!
  2. Don’t cater to what you think a coach wants to see… BE YOU!
  3. Have fun and show your passion


All you gotta do is BE you and nothing more!
You got this!
Natasha Watley
P.s. I’ll be teaching a brand new class on “How to build a game changing triple threat”, if your interested be on the look out!