Advanced Slap Game

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Hey Game Changers,

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!

As we start to head into the holidays, as things start to slow down, now is a great time to put some thought into your game!

This weeks #tashatip you get to see where your game is at. We go over exactly what an advanced triple threat should know. You can test yourself and see if you are already incorporating these concepts into your game or if you need a little work.

My best suggestion is start to approach your games with these(when we get back to playing) observations:

1. Where the defenders?

2. What is the situation?

3. What is the pitcher throwing?

4. What surface am I playing on?

The more you do this, the more second nature it comes and you know exactly how to leverage all the things to become successful at the plate.

Reply back and let me know how advanced is your slap game? Are these observations a part of your routine??


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