Agility Drills 2

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Great to see you again, Game Changers! We’re back with more #Tashatips and Part 2 of our series on agility workouts.

Are you a fan of fancy footwork? Ready to leap off first base and steal second on a moment’s notice? If you are – or if it’s a skill you still need to build – you’re going to want to make the ladder your new best friend.

The ladder breaks down your footwork, helping with your speed and agility. The more your practice, the quicker you’ll be able to pick up and put down your feet with accuracy. Today’s drills help with lateral movements, as well.

Lay out your ladder, and check out my video for targeted drills, including:

  • One Foot Per Square
  • Lateral Shuffle
  • Quick Feet

Ladder drills can complement just about any other drills you’ve worked into your practice. Use today’s examples in conjunction with the hurdle workouts from our last video, or try them on their own for a laser-focused sweat session.

Enjoy today’s workout, and prepare yourself for more amazing agility drills coming your way next week. Don’t forget that you can click the link below to download my completely FREE Agility Workout Action Plan for more details on my favorite drills. It’ll step up your practice routine and keep you on your toes – literally!

See you next time!
Natasha Watley