Every slap hitter needs some agilities in her life!

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Game Changers,

Happy belated Father’s Day to all the Dads reading this! I hope you all enjoyed your day. I especially loved having a long convo with my biggest fan…MY DAD! My Dad is so special to me, one of the topics we bonded over as I was growing up was SLAPPING! Today’s #Tashatip would have been huge for us to have, to be able to have some agility drills for us to do in our front yard.

This weeks #Tashatip is all about slapping agilities. I believe EVERY slapper must have superb footwork and the way to get this is by AGILITIES. A ladder should become every slappers best friend.

This week I share why ladder agilities, specifically for Slap Hitters:

  1. Helps your lateral movement
  2. Improves hand eye coordination
  3. Increase footspeed


Please share what are some of your guys favorite agility drills???
Good luck Game Changers!!


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