Bad Umpires

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There are a million reasons you might feel frustrated during the day: a math problem you can’t solve, a long wait at a checkout line, a website that won’t load… the list of annoyances could go on and on. When you’re playing competitive sports, your feelings can be heightened, and frustrations might feel even more, well, frustrating!

If you’ve ever felt frustrated with an umpire, you’re not alone. Umpires are a very necessary part of softball, but what do you do when they have a bad strike zone? It’s tempting to argue or get mad, but fuming and making a fuss can affect your game and shift control to the opposing team. Watch today’s video to learn a few valuable tips for dealing with this situation, such as:

  • Controlling your reaction
  • Letting your coach intervene if needed
  • Making adjustments based on the umpire’s strike zone

Keep your focus on yourself, the ball, and the game at hand, and don’t let an umpire’s bad strike zone throw you off. Channel that frustration into your passion for softball, and stay calm and collected, no matter the circumstance.

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Natasha Watley

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