Let the Ball Travel

 In tashatips

Happy Tuesday Game Changers!

I have had the best 2 weeks being back on the field and doing some player & coaches clinics! I was in Pittsburgh, The Bahamas and Texas. During my time working with slappers, I reiterated one of my non-negotiables to slapping “LETTING THE BALL TRAVEL”. I sometimes feel horrible repeating this concept, but honestly it is a skill that not only slappers need to learn but great hitters in general.

This weeks #TashaTip is breaking down some was to help you all hone in the skill.

2 drills that can help are:

  1. Crossed Over- Off of front toss can let the ball come to you
  2. Side Toss- Having your tosser be behind you will help you feel the proper place of where hitting the ball deep means

Once you master this skill, I guarantee that you will become a hard out because you will have better pitch selection and make better contact.

Let me know how these drills work for you? I would love to hear some things that work for you to allow you to let the ball travel.

Good luck out there!