Softball Slapping (Tips to not get called out of batters box)

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Game Changers,

It’s such an exciting time of year with postseason brackets just being announced!!! This is the best time to park it in front of a tv and learn more about the game. One thing you can take notice is how slappers are staying in box and trying to avoid being called out, on the batters box rule. Last year, a big rule change was made at the college level to make slappers stay true and stay in the box. As you can imagine, this has caused a frenzy for slappers to fix their mechanics since they were used to getting away with it for so long.

In this weeks #Tashatip I’m giving some suggestions that will help you honor this rule and make sure you are staying in the box. Some suggestions I explain are:

  1. Start off the plate
  2. Aim more towards shortstop/pitcher as opposed to stepping towards home plate
  3. Use a barricade during practice

I would love to hear some of the things that you have tried to help you honor this rule? I also would love to hear what you notice while watching NCAA postseason on T.V.

Happy Slapping!!!

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