3 Things a beginner slapper should know

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Game Changers!!!

Are you just learning to slap and overwhelmed with all the new tools you need to learn? Let’s stop the overwhelm right here and for all. The best advice I can give is be patient with the process of developing all your tools. Becoming a true triple threat takes time and learning each skill of (hard slap, soft slap, drag bunting, hitting for power) takes a million reps to achieve mastery.

In this weeks #Tashatips, I break down 3 areas for the beginner slapper to know.

1. Slapper Objectives
2. Core Basics
3. Reading Defense

Make sure to watch this video to go deeper on each of these areas!
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To help you with the slapping core basics, I have created a free 3 part series on the basics of slap hitting. Make sure you download it here: https://gamechangers.natashawatley.com/pl/39851

Happy Slapping!!

Natasha Watley