Beginners First Steps-Videos in Review

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Game Changers,

Recently, I received a question from one of the parents in my slappers FB group and she asked one of the most common questions I get from parents and coaches. She asked:

The answer is simple…..FOOTWORK, TIMING, AND HANDS! This week is a review on some #tashatips where I shared some information on where a newbie should start.


  1. 3 basics to slapping-we talk about more specifically what areas should be focused on first

  2. Footwork mechanics- A breakdown on what a slappers footwork should be

  3. 3 Keys to timing- Some tips on what to know when trying to get timing down

out to FB member Jennifer Stephens Stoltzfus for the question!!!! If you aren’t a part of the FB you are missing out! We are about to hit 2k members and in the coming weeks I’m doing some giveaways to celebrate that. Make sure you are in the group so you can hear all the details.

What videos would you like to see next? Please reply if you have some suggestions!

Natasha Watley

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