Are you a good teammate?

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Hello out there, Game Changers, and welcome to another week of #Tashatips!

Softball is a team sport; you just can’t do it alone! Having the ability to lean on teammates is amazing – you can compensate for one another’s weaknesses and learn from others’ strengths. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to have company during long practices or treks to away games.

Being a good teammate is not without its challenges, though. You might clash with someone’s personality or have trouble meshing your softball styles. Maybe you’re just having a bad day! Regardless, if you want your team to succeed, you’ll need to put aside your differences and work together as a unit.

My teammates throughout the years were not only incredible athletes, they were also incredible people who helped me become a better player. Today, we’re talking about strengthening your team by being the best possible teammate you can be.

Watch this week’s video to learn about:

  • Making your teammates better to improve the team as a whole
  • Holding teammates accountable
  • Keeping goals in mind
  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to help others
  • Leading by example

No matter how amazing your pitch or swing, you’ll only go so far in softball if you’re not a team player. Be there for your teammates and play with integrity, and you’ll succeed on a higher level than you ever would have alone.

Have an amazing week, and be sure to like and share this video. How are you working to become a great teammate? Let me know in the comments below!

Natasha Watley

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