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Hi Game Changers! September is here, and with it comes back to school, fall softball, try outs, tournaments & practice and brand-new #Tashatips to inspire your week.

No matter how much you love something, if you devote lots and lots of time and energy to it, you eventually risk burning out. Just about everyone feels this way at one point or another – even me! If you adore softball but find yourself “over” it and frustrated with your progress, you might feel defeated. You may even think about quitting. So how can we handle these feelings in a productive, useful way and avoid throwing out all of our hard work?

In today’s video, I’ll provide hints to help give you a sense of escape when you’re burned out and overwhelmed.

Click the link below to watch me discuss:

  • Making friends outside of softball
  • Delving into a brand-new hobby
  • Finding a part-time job

Use these tips to create balance in your life and avoid overloading on softball. We’re all multi-faceted people with different sides to our personalities, and we need to develop a variety of interests to make ourselves well rounded and whole.

Be sure to like and share this video, and in the comments below, let us know your best tips for combating burnout.

Make it a great week!

Natasha Watley

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