Checking In

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Hey Game Changers,

Last night was a blast! If you weren’t able to join I taught a live class on how to become a game changing triple threat. I teach this class every month, so be on the lookout for Decembers class.

This weeks #Tashatip is a little different than most. I did a Q&A and answered some questions you guys sent me. This was a fun way connecting with you all, but this lead me to want to hear from YOU! Enjoy the video but PLEASE hit reply and give me a check in with where you are with life, softball and slapping! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Feel free to share anything you would like to hear more from me. I’m here to support you all!

Looking forward to hearing from you all!!! 


P.S. If you missed it last week, Download now batters box PDF, to help you with creating your batters box when you are practicing!