Do you struggle with confidence at the plate??

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Game Changers,

As a triple threat, we have million tools that we can use at the plate and sometimes it can become overwhelming. When we are overwhelmed, a defense can see right through us. This is where confidence must kick in! Having presence at the plate can be one of the most intimidating things for an opposing defense to see and the one thing that will lead you to success during your at-bats.

Todays #tashatip, we are going to address how to have some confidence at the plate.

  1. Know Your Strengths- It’s ok to have weaknesses, but hone in and believe in your strengths when you arrive at the plate
  2. TRUST what you see- This is the #1 thing that makes a triple threat seem doubtful and not confident. Your eyes will NEVER deceive you.
  3. COMMIT before you step into the box- Know what tool you will use before you eve step into the box

Using these 3 steps can guide you in moments when you are feeling unconfident. Having a presence and taking up space, will already give you one up on your opponent. Let it show that you came to the batter’s box to take care of business!!! Confidence starts within you, but knowing your strengths and trusting yourself will help you gain the confidence you need!

Good Luck out there!

Natasha Watley

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