Should I Convert My Athlete To A Slap Hitter?

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My Biggest pet peeve is when I hear a coach say “I turned her into a slapper because she couldn’t hit for power, so hopefully she has better luck from the left side” or “She was blazing fast, so I immediately turned her into a slapper”. Then you fast forward months/years down the road and she’s still struggling! Well maybe because she wasn’t meant to be a slapper!

In today’s #Tashatips, you will learn some things to look for as a Coach/Parent to see if your athlete is a good candidate.

  • Speed
  • Athleticism
  • Hand-Eye Coordination

All are the perfect ingredients to pick the perfect athlete that you will make your next triple threat in your line up!

The biggest thing I’ll stress, is make sure you are so strategic when trying to pick players. If you know that it will enhance their game and add another dimension, then by all means push these athletes to becoming triple threats. Don’t push players to becoming slappers just as a default since they weren’t having success.


Now that you know the athletes, who you will be turning into triple threats, I’m sure you need to know what to teach them first. Of course I have you covered! Download my free 3 part series on the slap basics!


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