Crossed Over Progression

 In tashatips

Game Changers,

Congrats to all who just competed at a nationals or PGF! Completing a season whether you won or lost is a great feeling. If you won of course a time to celebrate but if you lost it’s a time to reflect, reassess and GET BETTER!

With that said, this week is a great progression to do during the off-season. The progression is all to be done in your crossover. The progression helps:

    1. Drill Mechanics at crossed over
    2. Work On your momentum from crossed over position
    3. Work on swing path and different slaps

Try to incorporate these in your work outs at least twice a week during the off-season. Please share in our FB group video of you getting your reps in and how your off-season is going. Enjoy your downtime and the rest of summer. Also good luck to those trying out for new teams.


P.S. Stay tuned for an opportunity late this week for 5 slappers to work with me closely during a case study!!!!

Attention to all my Southern California peeps! I’m leading 2 more live classes this summer. Click the image for more info!!