What does you crossover position look like??

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Hey Game Changers,

I first wanted to thank all that attended my live classes last week. I loved all the questions and love hearing people’s excitement about ALL things slapping!

In continuing the conversation, this weeks #tashatip we are breaking down some keys to focus on in our crossed over step. By having a solid foundation and being mechanically sound, it sets us up for success in the box. 

3 things to focus on at crossed over is:

  1. Feet- Make sure our toes are pointed towards Shortstop/Left field to ensure that our body will follow in NOT going to first base to soon
  2. Body- Have our 4 corners (shoulders & hips)  facing home plate so we don’t vacate the box to soon before making contact
  3. Posture & Hands- Should both be up and not slouched over. This puts us in the proper attacking positing to use our different types of slaps and not be fooled by pitches


What are some challenges you guys are seeing when you are in your crossed over position?

It’s so important to be in tuned to the mechanics, that’s the very way we improve our skills. Wishing you the best of luck in Fall season!

Happy Slapping!!!

Natasha Watley

P.S. I just closed enrollment for my online slapping course and not opening the doors again for a while. If you missed enrollment this time and want to be the first to know when I open enrollment again, be sure to get on my WAITLIST!