Deceptive Slapper

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Deceptive Slap

Hey Game Changers!

I’m back this week with a #tashatip to talk about the art of deceptive slaps. Deceptive slaps are everything once you mix them and blend them in to your game after you have mastered a hard slap, soft slap, hitting away for power and drag bunting. You must leverage deceptive slaps with all your other options to keep defenses guessing. Having the power and the ability to keep defenses on their toes by simply at a flash of your hands on the bat is the most powerful feeling you can possess as a triple threat.

Today I lay out 2 types of deceptive slaps you can incorporate TODAY!

  1. Fake bunt-bunt
  2. Fake bunt-slap

Please post a pic/video of yourself trying these and tag me!

You guys are going to have so much fun with this!


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