Defensive Stance

 In tashatips

Hi, Game Changers! I hope it’s bright and sunny wherever you are so you can get out and work on some D!

This week, our #Tashatips take a deep dive into a great defensive drill. Have you been focusing so diligently on your swing and offensive play that you’ve forgotten about the importance of good defense? Not to worry – we’ve got you covered!

On defense it’s so important to put our bodies in the best position to give us the best chance to field the ball properly and easier. Watch today’s video to get insight into:

  • The benefits of getting lower to the ground
  • Creating a wider base
  • Adjusting your stance based on your height

I’ll also show you a great drill that will help you get comfortable with having a wider base and dropping lower to the ground. Practice it often, and when it comes time to perform in a game, it’ll feel like second nature!

What are you doing to improve your game or yourself this week? Do you have any part of your game and need a drill you’d like to see featured in our videos? We’d love to hear from you!