Drop Ball

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In my opinion, the hardest pitch to slap is: Drop Ball

A good drop ball pitcher, with a heavy ball that breaks down is the worst when it comes to physics for a slapper. Just think as a slapper you are moving through the box, trying to gain speed. Your eyes are staying on a line so when a pitch breaks out of your eye line down, you loose it. 

Standing in to hit away would be my first option because I’m stagnant and not moving. Of course there are going to be times where the situation calls for slapping. So let’s talk about how we should go about it attacking the drop ball.

In today’s #tashatips, we talk about some adjustments you can do at the plate and which slap would best pair for a drop ball pitcher.

  • Move up in the box, to get ball before the hard break down
  • Slow your tempo, to allow to see the ball longer
  • Change your contact point lower than you think so you can make solid contact

Share which pitch you find most difficult to hit.

Happy Slapping!