Execute The Perfect Drag Bunt

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Hey Game Changers,

The most overlooked skill in our game hands down, is bunting. Whether sacrificing oneself or bunting for a base hit, bunting is one of the necessary skills to have to make a difference in a game.

Todays #tashatip we are going all in on how to execute the perfect bunt with some of my favorite bunting drills. Some things to remember with bunting is you want to be deceptive, have perfect placement and be superb at deadening the ball.

    1. Here are 2 drills that will help:

1.“One hand top hand”- Will help emphasize using the top 1/3rd of your bat

2.Hula Hoop target- Place target in locations you want your bunts to land


Tip: Getting bunts to the first base side can gain your more time to get down the line



Let me know which drill works for you?

You should be incorporating bunting drills & reps in your practice EVERYDAY you have hitting practice!!

Good luck out there!
Natasha Watley

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