First Throw of DP

 In tashatips

Middle infielders where ya at?!? This weeks #Tashatips is just for you!

This may be the first time you’ve heard this or the millionth time you’ve heard this but the first throw of the double play is the MOST IMPORTANT!!!! Why you say?

Well, not only do we want to ensure that we get at least one out, but we want to put ourselves in the best chances to get 2 outs! If the first throw of the double play is off, then it messes up the play right from the beginning.

This week we focus on a ball that is hit up the middle towards second base , where all our momentum is taking us. We want to use that momentum to our advantage. This applies to Shortstops and Second Baseman. It’s important on this ball to:

  • Get in front of the ball if you can get in front to play hops easier.
  • On the toss, toss underhand and softly so it’s easy to receive.
  • Follow your toss with your feet to gain momentum.

The best way to practice this is with your double play partner, so you guys can start to get comfortable with each other. If you can have a coach roll each of you balls that take you up the middle, you will start to get the feel of your touch on tosses as well as a better understanding where you should toss to your teammate!

Let’s get to work on that D game and turn some double plays!!!