Hitting Progression Part III- Flamingo Drill

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It’s that time again, Game Changers – time for brand new #Tashatips to work on in between WCWS games! As you might recall, we’re in the middle of our May series of incorporating new, helpful drills into your hitting progression.

Does your whole body move in one fluid motion when you’re at bat? Or do you feel like your top half is doing all the work while your legs are just along for the ride? If you’re the kind of person whose legs stay rooted while your torso and arms make the magic happen – or if you have trouble with balance – the Flamingo Drill is for you!

This fun and unique drill will help you learn to engage your lower body during your swing. Watch today’s video for tips on:

Check out the video to learn about:

  • The correct leg positioning throughout the drill
  • Landing on the proper part of your foot during your stride
  • Keeping your knee correctly aligned

Master this drill, and you’ll unlock the ability to use your lower body’s momentum to generate power in your swing. It’s an important skill that’s worth the extra effort – and as a bonus, you’ll improve your coordination and balance along the way.

We can’t wait to see you again next week, when we’ll finish up our May series with a Contact and Extension drill. While you’re working on this week’s exercises, you can click the link below to download my sample hitting routine. It’ll give you a clear action plan – and it’s totally FREE!!


Have fun watching, and let me know which drills are your favorites!