What is your game day routine?

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Game Changers,

So I have finally come off of my WCWS high! Yes, I’m extremely excited that my Bruins won, but I was just as excited to wake up for 3 weeks straight KNOWING that softball was going to be on TV! I’m glad to be back from my little hiatus and get back to you guys. Were you guys glued to the T.V. everyday?

This weeks #Tashatip is all about game day routines! As you all are getting ready for a long summer season, it’s so important to keep a routine on game days. Believe me, this routine will become second nature and will definitely follow you when you are playing on the WCWS stage!

This week I share some of the things I did on game days:

  1. Ate a BIG breakfast
  2. Relax/Lay down visualize and rest
  3. Listed to BEYONCE to pump up!


Please share what are some of your guys game day routine??? Start to try some new ones this summer too!
Good luck this summer!!


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