In tashatips


With everything that is currently going on in our world with Corvid-19, I hope that you are safe and healthy. I think since we are slowing down with life, this is a perfect time to work on ourselves!

Now if any of you were like me and got REALLY nervous, almost to the point of making yourself sick….raise your hand! Even if it’s a mild dose, that counts too!

A wise coach taught me that it was actually OK to be nervous. Nervousness meant I was excited, cared and ready to play. She said the moment I wasn’t nervous, she encouraged me to run the other direction as fast as I can and retire from playing!

Today’s #tashatip is about turning our negative energy into positive energy. In order to do so you must know what type of person you are and what WORKS for you?

Over the next couple of days here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you need quiet or noise before a game?
  • Are you superstitious?
  • Being relaxed or hyper makes you feel ready for a game?

Once you figure what you need best, once those nervous nerves creep in, remember what you need to feel good to play!!!

While you are all most likely home for the next couple of days, I decided to add some #tashatips to binge on!

Stay safe out there Game Changers!!



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