The Month of Giving

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Hey Game Changers,

 I’m obsessed with this time of year! Not only do I love fall weather, Turkey day and its my birthday month but I love the theme of giving. If you’re in my slappers private FB group you know we had a week long of giveaways (SO FUN!). Now, for the month of November I have something even more exciting!

 As most of you know, I have a non-profit, Natasha Watley Foundation, and for the month of November we LOVE to celebrate the month of giving. As we gear up for a big day of celebration and gaining support on #GivingTuesday on December 3rd, we have gathered all of our favorite “friends of NWF” to help us give a ton of stuff away. We have collected some of our favorite softball heroes and athletes to help giveaway their favorite resources to help the next generation of athletes.  I want to invite you to get your giveaways HERE! All can be collected digitally, from NWF friends like Jessica Mendoza, Lauren Chamberlain, Leah O’Brien Amico and many OTHERS!!

 By signing up and collecting your giveaways, you automatically get a ticket for our LIVE #GivingTuesday Livestream on “High Performing Women in Sports-Building the next generation of female youths in leadership, community and sports worldwide.” Our livestream will be December 3rd from 3pm-8pm PT. You won’t want to miss the livestream because you will want to hear interviews from some of your favorite athletes as well as have the opportunity to win some cool auction items and raffles! Every week we will announce the speakers who will be joining us!!!!

 This is going to be a fun month and I hope you join in on all the fun!

Natasha Watley

P.S. Make sure to sign up here to receive giveaways the ENTIRE month of November as well as receive your automatic ticket to attend Natasha Watley Foundation Livestream on #GivingTuesday (December 3rd, 2019).