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Hello Game Changers!!

As we are in the thick of our seasons and have been growing as athletes and people. The summer is a great time to start thinking about giving back to the game and give back what we have been learning and experiencing. Ok, Ok, I know you probably weren’t expecting that but since summertime is near and we will have more downtime, it’s a great time to start giving back to our sport. Up until now you have wonderful coaches who have been pouring into you, so why not pay that forward and pour into the next. This is the best way we keep softball alive and continue growing it. This is the exact reason I started my non-profit Natasha Watley Foundation, to pay it forward and give more opportunities to girls to learn, love and play the game. LEARN MORE HERE

This weeks #tashatip is all about how giving back and volunteering can not only help us as athletes but help us grow as people! Also if you are or know a college athlete that will be in the Los Angeles area during the summer, I have a great opportunity for you!

    • Pay it forward
    • Gain perspective
    • Build relationships in your community

    I encourage you all to keep growing softball and give back. Give back to your local leagues, or an old team you played for or simply a younger player on your team or organization.

    If you are interested or know someone interested in becoming a coach mentor please email [email protected] Please follow Natasha Watley Foundation to see what we are doing in the community.

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