Hitting Progression

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Hi, Game Changers, and welcome to a brand new month of #Tashatips! For the month of May, we’re focusing on creating a hitting progression routine before your hitting practice. Each week, we’ll show you a new drill to help you get the most out of practice.

You wouldn’t go on a long run without stretching first, and neither should you get into the batter’s box and just start taking swings! You’ll want a plan in place that warms you up and prepares you to hit live balls. As a bonus, these drills create muscle memory, making them invaluable to your game as a whole.

Watch today’s video to see me demonstrate the One Arms drill. I’ll discuss:

  • Staying inside the ball
  • Hitting the ball up the middle
  • The correct stance and progression of the bat to create bat lag

Stay tuned for a brand new exercise next week; we’ll talk about incorporating a walk up drill into your hitting progression.

Click the link belowo to download my sample hitting routine. It’s the perfect action plan to get you practicing effectively and efficiently, and it’s yours for FREE!