Softball Advice-Pushing yourself beyond your limits

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Game Changers,

Have you come up for air after watching NCAA softball regionals this past weekend? If you were anything like me, I felt like I needed to go into hibernation or get the extra sleep after trying to keep up with all the scores! It’s been so fun seeing all the teams elevate themselves to rise to the occasion.

Which brings me to this weeks #tashatip! When we talk about elevating and rising to an occasion, we must understand that sense of pushing yourself derives from doing this in the off-season and consistently throughout the season. All the teams we have been watching compete over the last weekend, has been tested individually and as a team throughout the entire season. They weren’t magically just pushing themselves this past weekend only. They have been preparing for this one moment through the entire season!

This week I share a story about my college coach that taught me how to push myself to the next level. This turned out to be one of the most pivotal teaching moments in my career! Some takeaways are:

  1. Focusing on results doesn’t get growth
  2. You control your effort and your attitude
  3. Don’t just show up, empty your tank


Here are some ways you can start to push yourself
1. Increase reps daily
2. Put blinders up and look within yourself

I encourage you to get your athletes to start being intentional with leveling up everyday. If they can’t buy into the grind on the journey, they can’t expect the results when the opportunity presents itself.

Have a great week!

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