What Inspires You?

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Hey Game Changers!

Yes, I know I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks. If you follow me on socials you know that I’m in Japan coaching. We finished our league in 1st place and head into playoffs with the number 1 seed this weekend! (Click here to watch starting Friday night at 8:30PET). So, I do have a valid excuse! Outside of Japan, I have a lot of upcoming and things going on! Make sure to scroll through the email!

This weeks #Tashatip is an important topic that talks about what is your inspiration??? 

This week we talk about finding your inspiration and how important it is to be inspired everyday with your passion. Find out what my inspiration is! 


P.S. Have you signed up for my fee live class on “How to build a game changing triple threat”?? I have a class coming up. Be sure to sign up!