Jumpstart your slap game

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Hello Game Changers,

I hope you are all killing it on the the field this summer! I have been out of pocket the last couple weeks because I have been traveling and hanging out with a ton of upcoming game changers at several softball events and clinics

Given that we are in the middle of our summer seasons, it’s never a bad time to review your mechanics and get back to basics. Whether it’s your first year or 10th year we must always refine our slap tools. Here are a few #tashatips to help you jump start and review your slapping mechanics

      1. 1.Sometimes we get so caught up in results of making clean hits, we must always remember why we are slapping

    2. Fine tune our basics

      1. 3. In order to be efficient in the box, we must have superb footwork

        P.S. Attention to all my Southern California peeps! I’m leading 4 live classes this summer. Click the image for more info!!