The Keys to Timing

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Game Changers,

As we go through our slap journey there is going to one thing you will ALWAYS have to deal with…….can you guess what that is? Yep, TIMING!

Timing is always going to have to be dealt with as you face pitchers with different wind ups, speeds, pitches and making sure you’re on time is half the battle to success. 

Here are 3 things to remember about timing:

  1. Start thinking about starting slapping steps on opposing  pitchers descend to pitchers release
  2. Make sure you are at crossover right before contact
  3. Late is on time


Keep these keys in mind when trying to to time pitchers.. One way to practice these keys is have someone mix speeds on you for front toss. As front toss gets slow or fast make the adjustments when you start so that you are getting your timing down for different speeds.

Please share your favorite timing drills!!

Happy Slapping!

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