Are you a lead off hitter?

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Game Changers,


I hope you are all ready to love your loved ones for valentines day! Speaking of love, there is nothing more I love than leading off in a game!


In today’s #Tashatips we are going to address exactly how to be the best leadoff you can be. A question I get all the time is “As a leadoff should you be more aggressive or patient?” My answer every time is it comes down to a leadoff batter’s priorities.


The only 2 priorities you should be worried about as a leadoff is:

  1. GET ON BASE- Doesn’t matter if you hit, walk, get hit by a pitch or defense makes an error. Find a way to get on base. So hitting the 1st or last pitch doesn’t matter.
  2. GIVE FEEDBACK TO YOUR TEAM- Whether you get on base or not, its YOUR job as a leadoff to spread that information back to your team what the pitcher is throwing. This could be done on the first pitch or last pitch

So to all my leadoff hitters out there, only worry about your priorities as a leadoff and don’t get caught up in the weeds if you should be hitting the first pitch or last. Depending on your opponent if you are on time by all means swing at first pitch, if you need to see more pitches to get on time/and see patterns then take more pitches.


Be the best leadoff for your team and be the spark plug for your team!


Good luck out there!

Natasha W


P.S. Recently I did my first Tedx Womens talk, it was such a fun experience I would love to share it with you. Click Here to watch. Enjoy