Just turned to the left side on not sure what to do first?

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Game Changers,

This week is a fun week because……..I have opened up another class for my online slapping course yesterday! I taught a free live class on “How To Build A Game Changing Triple Threat” and the energy was awesome from everyone who attended! We went over more in depth on what a newbie slapper should be doing to become the ultimate triple threat. Ironically, in this weeks #Tashatip I touch on some specifics we should be teaching our newbie lefties!

A common question is should we teach hitting or slapping to someone who just turned to the left side? I believe if we switched a player to the left side with the intention of them having the ability to slap, well then they should learn to slap first!

Why you should be devoting your first moments on the left side to slapping:

  1. Needs a lot of time to develop the skills (footwork, timing, hands)
  2. Develop your tools (Drag bunt, hard slap & soft slap)


Please share your progress since turning to the left side….
Good luck Game Changers!!


P.S. Yesterday I opened up the doors to my online course and taught a FREE live class on “How To Build A Game Changing Triple Threat”. I have a few more classes this week. Be sure to sign up if you haven’t yet.

Remaining Classes will be:
Wednesday June 26th 4 Pm PST
Thursday June 27th 9 Am & 3 Pm PST