Life After Softball

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There is one thing I wish I prepared more for when I was an athlete and that  is..LIFE AFTER SOFTBALL. I was so wrapped up with being the best athlete I could be, but when the time came to hang up the cleats, it was like running into a brick wall….abrupt!

Recently, I did a TEDx talk about my transition from the playing field. Have you seen it? Watch it here. I spoke about what it took for me to move on.

If there is one piece of advice I can share with younger athletes is start doing the work NOW. You will transition to High School, to College and life after. Transitions will always occur and are  sometimes hard and painful, this week #tashatips give you some tips to get through your transitions from here on out!


3 tips for transitions are:

1. Nothing in life is wasted: What skills we acquired in the pass are always relevant

2. Have a community of support: Surround yourself with like minded and/or supportive people

3. Reach out to mentors: Find the people who have gone down the paths you are thinking of going and pick their brain

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