Made it on Base…Now What?!?

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The best feeling after beating out a base hit is looking over at your coach in the 3B coaches box and seeing that steal sign! As you dig in, are you thinking ahead who will be covering the bag? Are you sliding head first or feet first??

There are several different things that you should be doing when we steal. There is so much more to stealing than just running fast between base paths.

In this #TashaTips we go over:

some things we should be focusing on once we leave 1B
Track start on the bag
Being mindful of what defender is covering the 2B

Please keep in mind, that in this video we only cover sliding head first. At a later date we will cover a feet first slide. Head first is just ONE way that can help us strategically be safe!

Heres’ to being SAFE!


P.S. Pleased DM me on social and let me know other topics that you want to cover!