My first EVER #TashaTip

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One of my favorite things about this sweet game of softball is slapping. I literally can talk about slapping ALL DAY! I would bet that when most people think about my game, they would most definitely think about me slapping. Which is why, of course, I decided my VERY first #Tashatip would be on the basics of slapping!

In this video, I show you the basic keys to slap and simply put the ball in play and BOUNCE IT!

Now, if you are not a slapper, don’t you worry, I have tons of stuff coming your way that can help your game in the weeks to come! Feel free to pass this on to your favorite slapper in the meantime. Heck, after watching this maybe you can pass on some pointers to the slappers on your team!

In this video you’ll hear about:

  • What your first and second step should be like.
  • Where your hands should be before and during contact.
  • Where to make contact on the ball.
  • Where your 1st bounce should be!
  • So glad you opted in to becoming a Game Changer! I’m here for YOU and I can’t wait to see you guys achieve your goals!

‘Til next week!

Natasha Watley