Nutrition Tips (Softball Tips)

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Game Changers!!

I’m super excited to share this #tashatip because I truly KNOW it will help ALL softball athletes. The one question I get asked all the time is:” What is the one thing you wish you did differently when you were a younger athlete?”
The answer is simple: Paid attention to NUTRITION

  • I’m telling you guys, when you’re a young athlete you hardly ever think of your older athlete self. When you are young you can recover quickly, and get away with bad eating habits. If you have any goals to have longevity as an athlete than you must change your habits NOW. I promise you will thank me later!In this weeks #tashatip I not only share some tips that you can incorporate today but I share my favorite smoothie recipe that you can use. Also tune in to hear an EMBARRASSING story while I was on the USA national team that immediately made me change my nutrition habits.

    I would love to hear the things you guys are planning on adding to your nutrition routine?

    See you next week!

    Natasha Watley

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