How’s your pitch selection?

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Game Changers,

Pitch selection is a topic that should NEVER go out of style for hitters. All hitters have a better success rate when they swing at good pitches. 

 Bad ball hitters exist and have some successes but I would argue that they are few, far and between. 

 The best thing about having a good pitch selection is that you can train yourself to do so!

 Today’s #Tashatip is all about putting yourself in the best situation as a hitter with having good PITCH SELECTION.


Tip #1 HAVE A PLAN-Before you get into the box, have an idea of the pitches you do and don’t want to swing at

Tip #2 MAKE YOUR DECISION LATE-This gives you more time to see the pitch

Tip #3 TRACK ALL PITCHES-(you don’t swing at) BACK TO CATCHER-This helps you on seeing the spin of ball and will help you on later pitches

Ok, go out there and be there hardest out on the field. I want to hear if this #tashatip helped you out


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