Pitch Selection

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Hello out there, Game Changers, and welcome to another edition of #Tashatips!

Today, we’re chatting about that moment when you’re finally up at bat. You step to the plate, excited, but you’re also focused and ready to slam that softball into oblivion. As the ball comes whizzing toward you, you only have a few seconds to decide what to do. Better think fast!

It can be a tough choice, especially when the adrenaline’s pumping, but never fear! Watch today’s video to learn more about pitch selection and making the most out of each time you’re at bat. I’ll discuss:

  • Making your decision later
  • Tracking the ball to see it travel deeper
  • Maintaining minimal movement at the plate
  • Studying the pitcher to understand her method

Each at bat is a new opportunity. Be sure that you’re doing everything you can to make your time at the plate meaningful and successful. For more tips on this topic, check out my video on Creating a Plan (link)!

Thanks for watching! In the comments below, I’d love to hear about your strategies for pitch selection. What tips would you share with a newbie?

Have fun and stay focused, and I’ll chat with you again soon!

Natasha Watley

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