Placing the Ball 101

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Game Changers,

Are you consistently putting the ball in play but it’s not going where you intended?

A key ingredient to being that next level slapper is placing the ball. In this #Tashatip we dive deep on some quick tips to help you place the ball better

    1. Bat Control is key

Tip: A great tip is choking up on the bat to have less bat to work with. It is totally a preference thing. Play around and see how this works for you!

                2. Work on getting to contact

Check out my #Tashatip on using a wood bat for a good drill to feel bat control

                3. Focus on where you are making contact on the ball


Do you choke up on the bat for bat control? Let me know by replying back to this email

Stay tuned next week as we talk about some tips to execute the perfect drag bunt! Until then, have a great week

I would love to hear which slap you mastered/learned first?? Reply back and let me know!

Natasha Watley

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