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Hi Game Changers,

While we are all bunkered down, I’ve decided to go live today at 3pm PT. I’ll be sharing a sample workout and some drills you can do from home. Tune in here inside my facebook group.

Also, I’m sharing this weeks #Tashtip which is all about being aware of the surface you are slapping on.


Are you on:


Hard Dirt?

Soft Dirt?

Wet Dirt?

Once we return back to “normal life” and you watch this video, you will be well equipped to know which slap is best for each surface!

Tell me your favorite surface to slap on?


P.S. Have you heard? I’m teaching a class for The Packaged Deals “Softball School”. I will be teaching the basics of slapping at 2pm tomorrow (3/25). If you can’t make it, you can catch the replay as well as hear from a ton of amazing other coaches. You can sign up here: