Playing with fear

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Game Changers,

I still can’t get over the news about Kobe. Kobe was one of my greatest teachers on being a true competitor. I always admired his will and commitment to WIN. He was so simple, he prepared hard and left everything on the court.

Today’s #Tashatip deals with an area Kobe was a master of….facing your fears. He was quoted saying “The more you ignore fear the more it controls you, I’ve found that the most important thing to do with fear is just look at it”. 

In today’s #Tashatip we deal with the concept of playing with fear. No matter how long you play this game, you will always have losses, strikeouts and plays you didn’t make, so why not play aggressively. 

When you error on being aggressive and PLAY BIG, I guarantee more times than not you will come out on TOP and more importantly you can look yourself in the mirror knowing that you gave it your best shot every single time. That is the MAMBA mentality we should all live by!

Hug your loved ones and give it your all everyday!