Power Slap vs. Hitting Away

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Hello ALL!

As our summer days our coming to an end, I hope you all are still out there trying to perfect your craft. In today’s #Tashatip we are going to have a little conversation about our power tools.

People feel if you have one power source you are set, which is so far from the truth. You should be incorporating standing in and hitting away as well as a power slap to your game. When you can do all things off your slap you instantly become hard to defend because of deception.

Having both are necessary and can be used differently:

Power slaps can be used when you need more bat control and need to get the ball to the green. Also can be used to get an extra base hit

Hitting away will be great in the same situations but a better pair if you are facing a pitcher who has a lot of movement and maybe low in velocity.

Make sure you are interchanging the two and NOT going without one or both!

Happy Slapping my friends!
Natasha Watley

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