Reading the Defense 101

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Game Changers,

Have you ever been in the batter’s box, seen the defense shift and mid way through the pitchers wind up you decide to change the tool (type of slap) you were going to use? Trust me, I have been there before. Today I want to give you some tips on reading the defense so that you NEVER have to experience that again.

Before we go into some tips on reading the defense, my 2 rules of thumb are:

  1. Trust what you see before you get in the box
  2. COMMIT to your decision

This is essential to do EVERY pitch, because defenses shift and change. Be open to change what you’re going to do every pitch


3 things to check in the order that suits your strengths is:

  1. Check the middles (Are they playing in front of baseline or deep? Are they shaded up the middles or in the holes?)
  2. Check the corners (Are they in your face? Or playing back?)
  3. Check the outfielders (Are they playing you at true depth? Shallow? shifted?)

These are great questions to ask when trying to decipher which tool would be best for the situation. Just remember to commit to what you decide and you will be fine!

Good luck out there!

Natasha Watley


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