Do you know what to do when a runner is on 1B?

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Game Changers,

Do you agree that the ultimate kid in the candy store feeling as a triple threat is when we have a runner on 1B!?

If you are not feeling this feeling, we need to talk and this #tashatip is for you! If you already have this feeling, today’s #tashatips is all about giving you some more ideas on what to do when a runner is on 1B!



#1 As a hitter read who is covering 2B on the steal, so that you can create double duty for that defender by hitting it to them. Now they have to defend your hit while thinking about covering 2B on the steal


#2 Hit behind the runner, so that you break a defense and give a runner more chances to advance


#3 Focus on your first bounce, rather than where you want the ball to end up. Closer the bounce is to home plate the more time you allow the runner to advance as well as yourself.


Ok, now you are equipped with some tools to break a defense! Lets cause HAVOC!!!!!!

Good luck out there



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