Self Care (Softball Tips)

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Game Changers!!

Would you believe me if I told you, if you looked good, you would play better?

Well, yes of course realistically, the way you actually look physically has no bearing on how you perform on the field…..but the way you feel about yourself, definitely plays into your overall energy and the way you show up. It’s so important that when we show up, we show up with good energy and confidence, because that is a great start to performing better on the field.

Some ways to make us feel better is taking the time to have some self care activities. In this weeks #tashatips I share some of my favorite self care activities. My self care routine consist of :

    • Getting my hair done
    • Nails Done
    • Massages

    I encourage you to start a routine, because you will always need a way to rejuvenate, recharge and feel good about yourself!

    I would love to hear your favorite self care activities?

    Have a great week!

    Natasha Watley

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