Should you hit or slap first??

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The NUMBER 1 question I get from newbie slapper parents is “My Daughter just turned to the left side, should she learn to HIT or SLAP FIRST?

Although, I feel that some scenarios are situational, my true answer is she should learn to slap first! I say this for the main fact that slapping is skill that requires time. If you turned your daughter to the left side to mainly have slapping as an option, why not give her the proper amount of time to learn and develop the skill first.


  • With slapping first:
    -You challenge yourself to learn the mechanics to mastery
    -The more you slap the more you master the skill
    -You will figure how to survive by slapping in several situations
    -If you need something for power, you can use a hard/power slapEventually, you can start to hit away in moderation once you start to master the skill of slapping. Hitting away does come more naturally, so why not get the hard stuff out of the way first?!Believe me, you will want that time to focus mainly on slapping so that you don’t overwhelm your daughter with to much!HAPPY SLAPPING!!!Natasha Watley

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