Is Slapping Dead?

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 Game Changers,

So, what I have been hearing trend in the softball world is that slap hitting is dead.

Now, you know this irks me every time I hear this. I hear that because defenses, technology and coaching are better that there is no need for slapping.

Now, I will go on the record and say a one dimensional slap hitter is definitely dead. If you don’t have a short game tool and big game tool you will have a hard time surviving at the elite level.

This is why I harp on developing athletes as triple threats. An athlete who possess short game and big game tools. A true triple threat can bunt, slap and hit!

Triple Threats:

  • Have so many options
  • Have something to pair vs all pitchers and field surfaces
  • Makes a line up more dynamic

What are your opinions on slap hitting being dead???

We must continue to develop more triple threats and prove that having slap tool is NOT dead!