To Hard Slap or To Soft slap

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Hi All,

“To hard slap or to soft slap?” that is the question I get all the time! A lot of people ask which one is of preference and which one should you use more. My answer: BOTH

As a TRUE triple threat you should know how to do both slaps. Having the two in your arsenal is going to make you that much more of a threat at the plate. You want to be able to leverage both slaps and be able to do them 50/50.

Hard slaps & soft slaps are similar because:

  1. Can be used for base hits
  2. Score Runs
  3. Trip up a defense

This is how they differ…..

Hard Slap

  1. Used for extra base hits/ want to get ball to outfield
  2. Great against rise ball pitchers/ higher velocity pitchers
  3. Defense plays you shallow/shifts

Soft/Bounce Slap

  1. Move runners/instead of sacrifice
  2. Medium to high velocity/ side to side pitchers
  3. Ground is hard/ Defense is deep or straight up

If you are a newbie slapper focus on one at first, master and add the other. Which one first you ask? Whichever comes more natural to you should be first. I will say the majority of the time, bouncing the ball is more difficult to learn so that may be a good start to give yourself some time to get it down.

I would love to hear which slap you mastered/learned first?? Reply back and let me know!

Have a great week!
Natasha Watley

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