Does your athlete have her priorities straight??

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Game Changers!!

This weeks #Tashatip is not something I’m proud to claim but one of the things I would go back and change. That is my priorities as a high school athlete! Yes, I admit school wasn’t my favorite thing. All I cared about was playing softball. I would be lying if I said I had it all figured out, my priorities were all out of whack. So in order to stay eligible, I needed a 2.5 GPA, so that was the GPA I was going to have. That didn’t mean I wasn’t capable for more, because I WAS! Luckily, I realized that academics was going to be the real foundation I needed to make it in this world, thanks to amazing coaches, teachers, counselors (and parents!)

In this #Tashatip I cover:

    • You can only play athletics for so long
    • Everything is connected
    • The importance of getting a degree

    So parents and coaches, if you have that athlete that is under performing in the classroom. This video is for them! Please stress that having our priorities straight is the key to success!

    Love to hear the things that click for you getting this point to your athletes. Reply back to this email!

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    Have a great week!